Rally v0.11.2

Release date 03/29/2018
  • OpenStack plugins moved to the separate repo and package . In-tree OpenStack plugins are deprecated now and will be removed soon. All further development should be done in the new repository.

  • Environment manager and Platform plugins are extended with a new feature - creating a spec based on system environment variables. We had similar feature in Deployment component like below, but it handles only OpenStack platform.

    $ rally deployment create --name "my-deployment" --fromenv

    The new feature is not limited by one platform and each platform plugin can implement it. The usage of the feature is still pretty simple:

    $ rally env create --name "my-env" --from-sysenv
  • There is a new argument for rally env show command: –only-spec. It is a trigger for showing only a specification of the environment

  • Methods for association and dissociation floating ips were deprecated in novaclient a year ago and latest major release (python-novaclient 10) doesn’t include them. These actions should be performed via neutronclient now. It is not as simple as it was via Nova-API and you can find more neutron-related atomic actions in results of scenarios.

  • os-hosts CLIs and python API bindings had been deprecated in python-novaclient 9.0.0 and became removed in 10.0.0 release. This decision affected 2 scenarios NovaHosts.list_hosts and NovaHosts.list_and_get_hosts which become redundant and we cannot leave them (python-novaclient doesn’t have proper interfaces any more).

  • Improvements of elasticsearch task exporter to cover the case when success rate of workload is not in range of 0-100. For example, it can happen when context fails.