Rally v0.11.1


Release date 02/27/2018
  • Fix database migration
  • Un-cup kubernetes client version in requirements
  • Add support for sTestr for verifiers
  • Add several new scenarios for Gnocchi



Rally <0.10.0 was hardcoded to support only OpenStack platform. That is why deployment config had a flat schema (i.e openstack credentials were at the same top-level as other properties).

Rally 0.10 includes an attempt to unify deployment component for supporting multiple platforms. The deployment config was extended with a new top level property creds which was designed to include credentials for different platforms. Since Task and Verification components used deployment.credentials object from database instead of using deployment config directly, Rally 0.10 did not provide a database migration of deployment config.

While developing Rally 0.11.0 with new Environment component, we made a wrong assumption and forgot about an old format. That is why a 7287df262dbc migration relied on “creds” property of deployment.config

If the database was created before Rally<0.10, the introduced assumption leads to KeyError failure[0] for old deployment configuration:

File ".../7287df262dbc_move_deployment_to_env.py", line 137, in upgrade
     and (set(spec["creds"]) == {"openstack"}
KeyError: 'creds'

We fixed this issue and you should easily migrate from Rally < 0.11.0 to Rally 0.11.1 without any issues.

Verification component

OpenStack Tempest team made a decision to switch from testrepository test runner to stestr which is fork of testrepository.

Despite the fact that stestr is not 100% backwards compatible with testrepository, it is not a hard task to make Tempest verifier work with both of them (to support new releases of tempest tool as like old ones) and it is what we did in Rally 0.11.1


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