Automated installation

git clone

Notes: The installation script should be run as root or as a normal user using sudo. Rally requires either the Python 2.6 or the Python 2.7 version.

Alternatively, you can install Rally in a virtual environment:

git clone
./rally/ -v

You also have to set up the Rally database after the installation is complete:

rally-manage db recreate

Rally with DevStack all-in-one installation

It is also possible to install Rally with DevStack. First, clone the corresponding repositories:

git clone
git clone

Then, configure DevStack to run Rally:

cp rally/contrib/devstack/lib/rally devstack/lib/
cp rally/contrib/devstack/extras.d/ devstack/extras.d/
cd devstack
echo "enable_service rally" >> localrc

Finally, run DevStack as usually:


Rally & Docker

First you need to install docker. Installing docker in ubuntu may be done by following:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install
$ sudo usermod -a -G docker `id -u -n` # add yourself to docker group

NOTE: re-login is required to apply users groups changes and actually use docker.

Pull docker image with rally:

$ docker pull rallyforge/rally

Or you may want to build rally image from source:

# first cd to rally source root dir
docker build -t myrally .

Since rally stores local settings in user’s home dir and the database in /var/lib/rally/database, you may want to keep this directories outside of container. This may be done by the following steps:

mkdir rally_home
sudo chown 65500 rally_home
docker run -t -i -v ~/rally_home:/home/rally rallyforge/rally

You may want to save last command as an alias:

echo 'alias dock_rally="docker run -t -i -v ~/rally_home:/home/rally rallyforge/rally"' >> ~/.bashrc

After executing dock_rally alias, or docker run you got bash running inside container with rally installed. You may do anytnig with rally, but you need to create db first:

user@box:~/rally$ dock_rally
rally@1cc98e0b5941:~$ rally-manage db recreate
rally@1cc98e0b5941:~$ rally deployment list
There are no deployments. To create a new deployment, use:
rally deployment create

More about docker: